Review Dingo – Review Of The Most Trusted Reputation Management Platform

Review Dingo – Review Of  The Most Trusted Reputation Management Platform

Find out all that you need to know about the most trusted reputation management platform Review Dingo, in this detailed review of ours!


In the world of business, the reputation of a firm matters a lot more than what we might think of it.

Creating a good image in the market leads to wards new clients, better growth, and sales as well.

In brief and simple words, the reputation of a business is a factor that determines its success in the long run. Therefore, today,

we’re going to review a reputation management platform known as Review Dingo.

Before we get into details, let us first understand what a reputation management platform actually is.

What is a reputation management platform?

For all those people who are unaware of what a reputation management platform such as Review Dingo is, in brief words,

these are the tools that the businesses and organizations use for the purpose of promoting their brand and ensuring a perfect customer experience as well.

Such platforms like Review Dingo can also be used to submit different types of reviews through ad campaigns or email as well.

For the marketing department of a business, such reputation management platforms like Review Dingo can be used for interpreting the online reputation of the business.

The reputation management platforms also have all the essential monitoring tools for the purpose of capturing social media posts and discussions as well.

All of this, in short, is the definition of a reputation management platform.

How do these reputation management platforms work?

It is a well-known fact now that a large number of customers depend on the reviews of the products and services that they are searching for them on the internet,

to decide whether they should be making a purchase or not. Of course, positive reviews are what will help in getting new customers for all the businesses.

According to many reports, it has been found that about 70% of the users on social media sites are more likely to recommend a business with which they have had a positive experience.

These recommendations might seem like a minor factor but in the long run, they are what bring in more customers.

The reputation management platforms like Review Dingo can utilize such information for the purpose of improving the sales of a business,

by offering insights on how the people view the business and what they think about it.

In a situation where the business gets a bad review, the reputation management platform can capture it

and the business can then get in touch with the customer and assist them in the issues they are facing to ensure a good experience for them,

which will of course change how they view and think of the business. These reputation management platforms like Review Dingo not only help the businesses

but they help the customers as well if we consider all that they help the businesses achieve.

Did you know that it has been found that around 95% of the search results on Google are not paid ads but rather organic posts?

And other than this, about 40% of people are found to have looked for a business online before engaging in any transaction with it.

And 45% of such people have been seen to change their minds regarding the businesses after they either see something positive or negative about it on the internet.

This shows how important reputation management platforms like Review Dingo are for businesses!

The reputation of a business on the internet can either get it more customers or make it lose the existing ones!

And it has been found that most of the consumers actually trust the online reviews about a product or service that are posted by other customers.

All of this indicates that in today’s time if a business wants to be successful, reputation matters a lot.

So, what’s Review Dingo?

In very simple and brief words, Review Dingo is an automated and cloud-based reputation management & marketing platform

that is made for the purpose of building and maintaining the reputation of businesses all over the world.

Review Dingo is able to create feedback from the recent customers of businesses and is able to then turn them into 5 star online reviews.

And it also restricts the negative reviews in a perfect manner to ensure that the businesses are able to deal with them on an internal level

before such reviews get posted online, to make sure the reputation of the business is not harmed.

And do you know what the best thing about Review Dingo is?

It has a single easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard so that all the users have easy viewing and use.

The marketing team of Review Dingo:

The marketing team of Review Dingo consists of highly skilled professionals that are focused on creating 5-star reviews

and a perfect online reputation for the businesses so that they can get more customers.

The world of digital marketing has evolved and in today’s time,

it does not matter if a business or organization is at the top on Facebook or Google’s search results.

Businesses now need a perfect 5-star reputation with the best reviews being created on a frequent basis if they want to be successful!

Keeping all of these things in mind, the team of Review Dingo made the best reputation management platform possible,

so that the businesses can get that amazing 5-star rating at once!

The team of Review Dingo believes in offering the ultimate customer services so that the clients can achieve success in their ventures.

The development team of Review Dingo:

The designers present at Review Dingo are skilled and competent developers who are innovative in their work.

They aim to make a modern and highly effective reputation management platform

for their clients to help them get a solid online reputation as quickly as possible.

Now, let’s take a look at the features of Review Dingo.

The key features of Review Dingo:

Review Dingo is one of the most trusted and well-known reputation management platforms.

Review Dingo has all the best features that the businesses require for creating a solid reputation on the internet with 5-star reviews.

So, let’s take a look at these key features of Review Dingo.

  1. Monitoring.

Review Dingo offers the best monitoring possible. Businesses will be able to review social media, websites,

and other directories to see what the people are saying about the business and what they think about it.

This feature will help the businesses keep in touch with all that’s happening on the internet, regarding the business.

  1. Automated reports.

Review Dingo also has the feature of automated reports which is very beneficial for businesses.

Businesses will be able to send their monthly or weekly reports to the essential staff members to show them,

the progress in terms of reviews and ratings of the business on the internet.

  1. Review funnels.

Review Dingo also consists of effective review funnels! The businesses will have the option to choose from around 6 effective review funnels,

that will encourage the customers to give online reviews to the business.

  1. Integration.

Review Dingo has the best integration with other well-known and famous software such as Zapier to trigger the feedback requests automatically.

Integration with other software makes things become even more efficient and effective.

  1. Staff performance.

With Review Dingo, businesses will be able to improve,

their employee performance by allowing the businesses to link their customer star ratings with the individual staff members.

This can make organizations become even more successful in general.

  1. Brand protection.

Review Dingo offers the feature of brand protection.

Clients will be able to protect their businesses from negative and bad reviews that can harm the brand’s reputation.

  1. Reporting.

Review Dingo has a real-time reporting feature for sentiment analysis, review totals, and also, any date range.

Such efficient reporting can make things perfect for businesses.

  1. Micro-site.

Review Dingo offers the businesses a perfect micro-site that will showcase the details,

social media progress, and positive reviews of the business, all in one place.

  1. Notifications.

Review Dingo has a quick notifications feature so that the businesses can notify the key staff persons whenever

the customers leave some reviews or feedback regarding the business.

  • So, these are the top features of Review Dingo, and the best thing is that Review Dingo has a dashboard
  • that has all these features present in a single compact place, which makes things simple and easy for the users.

Pricing of Review Dingo:

When it comes to the pricing of such high-level reputation management platforms as Review Dingo, the businesses often pay a big amount.

But, Review Dingo offers the best features for an affordable price that businesses will be able to afford with ease!

Let’s take a look at the 2 pricing plans that Review Dingo offers.

  • Review Booster Suite:

This is the first price plan that costs $199 per month.

This plan has the BirdEye powered review management software, pro membership, and also API uploading.

A perfect plan:

This plan of Review Dingo is perfect for all small and medium businesses. If you need any assistance in the process of getting and using this platform, just let us know!

We offer the best services for all our clients.

>> Get a discount on the Review Booster Suite plan here.

  • Pack Leader Special:

This plan costs $249 per month.

It is the same as Review Booster Suite and just has an additional Yext powered listings management upgrade which the big businesses will find very useful.

The full package:

This plan of Review Dingo has got it all! It has all that a large business will need for getting a perfect reputation.

So, feel free to contact us if you need any assistance regarding the process of purchasing and using this platform!

>>> Get a discount on Pack Leader Special Plan here.

  • Review Dingo also offers a 7-day free trial so that the businesses can see whether this reputation management platform is the right one for them or not.

Discount on pricing:

There is a discount of 10% at checkout if you decide to pay yearly for both of the plans!

This discount is a good one when you consider it is applied on yearly payment.

It is better to save and go for the yearly payment procedure as it includes the discount as well.


Also, if the businesses are not satisfied with Review Dingo,

they can just contact the support within 30 days of their purchase and get all of their money back at once.

Review Dingo offers a 100% refund policy if the customers are not satisfied with the platform.

Benefits of a reputation management platform:

Now that you know all about what Review Dingo is,

you should also know about the overall benefits of having a reputation management platform.

As opposed to popular belief, reputation management platforms are not just for big businesses.

It does not matter if your business is a small one or a big one; you have to take good care of your reputation online.

So, these are the top benefits of using reputation management platforms;

-They assists in resolving customer complaints.
-It helps build trust with clients.
-It helps in improving customer service.
-They improve social media presence.
-It helps take advantage of new business opportunities.
-They help with interest in negative and bad comments or comments.

These are just some of the many benefits that businesses will get from using a reputation management platform like Review Dingo.

In short, all businesses need to take advantage of these reputation management platforms.

Customer reviews & overall rating:

The customers and clients of Review Dingo have given it positive reviews in general and people praise its ease of use,

thanks to the simple dashboard that has everything in one place.

And considering all that it offers and the pricing, we give it a rating of 4.5/5.

Review Dingo is truly one of the best reputation management platforms that businesses can take advantage of.

24/7 Customer support of Review Dingo:

When it comes to customer support, most companies mostly disappoint but Review Dingo has amazing customer support.

There is 24/7 customer support for the users.

Whatever problems that you might face while using Review Dingo,

you can just get in touch with customer support and your issues will be dealt with.

Concluding remarks: Review Dingo for 5-star ratings!

Review Dingo has earned the trust of businesses in the market, and it is being used by businesses all around the world.

Review Dingo does reputation management work in the most effective and efficient manner.

It has an easy-to-use dashboard that has all the features present in one place for convenience.

All businesses need to have a perfect 5-star rating reputation on the internet and Review Dingo is the best way to achieve that at once.

If you plan on getting this reputation management platform

and need assistance in handling Review Dingo,

we’re here to offer our services to you! Just contact us and we’ll get you the perfect ratings!