Ipage hosting review: Pricing, features and performance

Ipage hosting review: Pricing, features and performance | Fast Website Services

iPage is considered one of the best web hosting websites. It is a high-quality web hosting company.

Ipage gives a lot of web hosting solution for your online business. It also assists webmasters to create websites.

They also help to manage a lot of websites of different business and give them a chance to expand their business in a better way online.

They offer a different wide range of packages.

It also helps that businessman to create a website which is not having a basic knowledge of coding.

It also offers a different budget. You can choose your own budget, build your website and grow your business.


The logo of iPage consists of small “I” and “page”. With iPage, there is also a small picture of the page which is turned from the top.

On this page small “I” is written. The colour of this page is green.

Introduction to iPage


iPage was established in 1998. It is a fell web service company. This company again launched itself as an operator in 2009.

Now the management of this company belongs to Endurance International group. It hosts a large number of websites more than one million and also operates two data centres.

Features of iPage


Easy and safe to build a site

It is not easy to build a site with affordable prices. It is very difficult to catch these sites.

With the help of iPage, you can easily build a site, iPage catches you a website in few minutes and you can easily expand your business and enjoy its high-quality features without paying a lot of money.

24/7 Support by Professionals

Our expert team is available all the time to support you and assist you. You can get assistance from our professionals at any time in the day.

If our customers are facing any difficulty at any point they are available for their assistance.

Our professionals serve a lot in this industry so they are well aware of the need of this industry.

We always design according to the need of our customers because our customers are our first priority.

Our professionals give them assistance 24/7 and the whole year 366 days.

Reliability at its peak

It is reliable. You can use it in all ways. There are no worries about being crashing or getting corrupted.

You can easily rely on this and use it. We guarantee you that you will be satisfied with our work and management.

As our motto is to support our customers and satisfy them in all the cases so that is why we provide 100% reliability to our customers. You can trust us and start working with us.

Flexible Design

Its design is very flexible and can change according to your need. We easily grow with you. You can easily start your site and start working with it.

We also grow up our resources with you. As your site growing and reaching its peak we also grow with you and make things flexible for you.

Don’t stop after starting your site. Make changings and grow it using different strategies with the help of iPage.

We guarantee you that you will get our assistance at all the stages.

Refundable money

The other amazing feature of the web hosting site is that it is with the feature of 30 days money-back guarantee.

First, we give you time to check it. Once you will get satisfied you can work otherwise you have the option of getting your money back.

If in the case you are not happy with our services then we will return you your complete amount.

Home page of your website

The home page of your website is very important for your website. It should be appealing and attractive to the viewers.

The home page of your website should be that much charming that one should attract you whether you are running a small business or you are running a brand.

We know the value of the web page of our customer’s site because if someone opens your website he can only focus on your web page first.

If you are running a small business and want to expand it makes your home page appealing because your customers and your other people also focus on that.

Our affordable process gives you a complete range of making your choice more attractive and flexible.

We help you not only build a simple and unattractive page but we give you complete freedom of making a fully attractive e-commerce page.

It will give more exposure to your site and make your site an e-commerce site.

Magic Builder

iPage is a magic builder website. As you can create your website like magic with the help of this web hoster.

The first step while creating your website is that you have to answer few simple questions asked by our builders.

Don’t be afraid these questions will be very easy to answer. You can easily manage them.

When you answer these simple questions our magic builder will build a website of your need in a few seconds.

It works like magic that your dream site will be in front of you in a few seconds. You even don’t need to do any coding.

Our quick and fast builder will easily manage all the things very easily. Our hosting plan also needed an express editor.

You can edit anything according to your need and desire with the help of this editor.

Works more than a Web Hoster

It is not only a web hoster but also works in a different way.

It not only help you to build your market and grow your web site but it works more than this.

These are the more characteristics which you can enjoy while using it.

WordPress Installer

You can easily install word press with the help of this hosting website. It is a  very quick process to install word press through it.

Not only quick but it is safe and secure as well. It gives you more flexibility.

You can get started with your website very easily. Use this website and install the WordPress installer right now.

Create a limitless email address

You can also create an unlimited email address with the help of iPage. And you don’t need any other site or person to create an email address for you.

You can create them with your own domain. You can also create an auto responder and forward your email at any time.

With iPage it is difficult to create a lot of email addresses. iPage make it easy for you.

Now you can make email addresses according to your need and desire.

Ecommerce Services

There are a number of eCommerce services that iPage is offering for you.

You can easily build your own online store where you can post pictures of your products and services which you are offering.

You can even sell your goods very easily. All the features are very excellent and reliable to use.

Selling your goods online is very difficult but with our e-commerce store, you can easily sell your goods because we are providing you with the best ecommerce services.

All our e-commerce features are outstanding and easy to use.

Host desirable Domains

iPage provide you with another amazing opportunity that provides a chance of hosting the domains according to your desire.

We don’t put any limit on the number of domains. You are free to host domains according to your need and desire.

So that is why we say that we are offering unlimited domains. You can only get this opportunity with the help of iPage.

Hostas many domains as you like to host. There is no limit.

Best Analytical Tool

iPage gives you the freedom to checking and analysis your website at any stage. You can easily analyze the progress of your website with the help of this magnificent tool.

The name of the tool which helps you to analyze your website is an analytical tool. It also helps you to monitor the performance of your website.

You can use this tool with your hosting website.

Domains of iPage

The domain is basically the name of your website not more than that. It is the way when customers find you online and search your website online.

They can even contact you. You can even think that it is like your contact number or your phone number.

Every member is assigned a name so people can easily find them. You can buy any of the domain according to your choice.

We are having all the top-level domains. You can choose accordingly. Domains include.com, .org, .info, .biz etc. All top-level domains are present in our app.

Just choose it and start working with it. This domain will be used for one year. You can purchase new with our web hosting plans.

Our domain privacy and protection will take care of your personal data. It will keep your information secure with them.

 You can easily buy a new domain name. It is a very easy process. You just need to enter the word which perfectly describes your business idea.

Check the prompts for their availability. Keep this thing in mind while setting the name that your name should not be less than 6 and more than 14 alphabets. Try to keep it short and appealing.

Necessities for the name of Domain

You should have an SSL certificate. It is completely free. You can secure your website with this Encrypt SSL certificate.

You should have to forward your email address to another valid email address. That email address should be valid and works under your domain.

Keep your domain locked. Once you secure your domain with a lock it will be prevented and safe. It will not be stolen by anyone.

Our secure system makes it possible for you. If your domain completes its time and expires then automatically it will renew.

Budget Plans of iPage



iPage provides you with the best and easy budget plans for their customers. A startup plan is a basic plan.

The people who want their websites use this plan. Professional plans have more advanced features and enterprise is the high-quality plan.

These plans are further divided into different hosting plans. Their plans consist of shared, WordPress, and VPS plans. We turn wise re

  1. Shared Hosting Plans

This plan is very much sufficient for small business holders. This plan is very helpful to them. You just have to pay $1.99 per month.

There are other plans as well. Free domain for one year. Limitless domains, disk space and storage and much more.

All this plan has a money-back guarantee.  The other thing is that it does not come with Cpanel which is also known as a control panel. Its final product is very easy to use.

  1. Word Press Hosting

It is a very special kind of shared hosting. They are used by those customers who use WordPress to build their websites.

It also consists of two plans WP Starter and WP Essential. It also consists of a free domain name, unmetered storage, unmetered bandwidth, customized control plan, and many others.

If you want more expensive plans you will get more support from the web like if any malware or virus will attack it will be removed automatically. Your site will remain lock with our lock system.

  • VPS Hosting Plans

VPS hosting plan is very high quality but further, it consists of three more plans. Basic, business and optimum.

This plan consists of a semi-private virtual Linux server, two IP addresses, enhanced control plans, Mirrored SAN storage. It can be changed every month. This plan also has a money-back guarantee.

Dedicated Hosting Plans

If you want a tough and tight security plan for your website and want complete control over your hardware and software.

If you want a website that gets progresses very rapidly then this plan is made for you.

You can select it and use it very easily it has the following features like Intel Xeon processer, five free Ip addresses, give access to your root server, enhanced cPanel, managed to host that will help you to fulfill your needs and demands.

Above and all 30 days money-back guarantee. You can get all the payment if you will not be satisfy with our services.

Build an online store

As we discussed earlier that. You can also build your own online store. These plans are $6.99 and $15.99.

This plan’s benefits include unlimited pages, version control, embedding HD videos, Google integrations, and e-commerce functionality.

This includes shopping carts for shopping and multiple processors.

Advantages of iPage

The best thing about this app that consists of low prices. All the levels are extremely affordable. It is an efficient and proficient website.

We also provide you step by step tutorial of all the things available on this site that will make it easy.

Disadvantages of iPage

Most of the disadvantages are related to sharing the hosting system. Your site needs window language this will not consist of window language.

This company has basically site base panel instead of Cpanel. PHP, Pearls are having limited at WordPress and shred plans.

Web Builder

A website page builder is also called a website builder. It is basically an online editing tool which works to build a website very easily.

Anyone can build a website with the help of this without using or knowing any coding language. It is a time saving and intelligent technology.

This iPage also use this best builder to create websites according to the need of their customers.

It also helps to optimize a website and make it available on different search engines like Google. This has a new web builder.

Our new web builder can assist you to build a new website very easily and quickly. First, you have to answer some easy questions.

These questions are related to your website. We will create a layout. We also get images and some basic content about your website and try to organize your data.

You don’t need to go through a lot of templates let our builder work for you. It will create your website like magic.

When you will come out of the process of answering questions out builder will automatically create a website for you which meets your demands. This website totally belongs to you.

Your website will work on all the devices. If you want to function it on mobile it will work on it even desktop and Android.

It is very easy to use smart and intelligent as well. This provides a one-year domain name, hosts your files, and provides unlimited storage.

It also provides a number of images and templates, so you need not find them anywhere.

Improvement in iPage

Our system shows improvement in our working from October 2018. This month shows an average improvement time of 2181 ms.

 If you make a comparison of two months November 2018 and October 2018. You see an average of 446 ms response time.


This data shows the response of November 2018