HostGator is one of the world’s largest and most successful hosting companies. They have shared hosting, VPS hosting, data centers, and WordPress planning to host plans that are monitored.


We are going to be putting their promises through our testing process in this comprehensive HostGator analysis. They provide the resources to start a site that you’d need.

All aspects we must focus on are just as follows:

Maintainability: Without even any downtime, would the website remain accessible 24/7/365?
Performance: How quickly can your HostGator site load? To evaluate everything, we will also be running our same performance evaluation.
Customer Service: Do you depend on the customer support they provide? If necessary, would you be able to ask for help quickly?
Offers: Do their characteristics help you build and maintain your new website?
Pricing: Do they give the company’s best prices? Have there been any deals with HostGator which will save your money?

About HostGator


HostGator, formed in 2002, is in the hosting business for a long time. The biggest or even well-hosting providers have over 90 percent customer experience and 12,000 domains under control. They provide focused and VPS services for customers who really need the additional power to expand their pages.

It is centered in Houston, Texas, yet hosts more than 10 million domains. They include 850+ staff providing assistance from around the globe including supporting organizations worldwide.

All in, HostGator is also a good substitute for blogging anybody else for hosting services and VPS solutions. The service and setup of WordPress are simple, as well as the acquire plan makes HostGator among the most desirable options.

Guarantee Chart of The HostGator
Guarantee Chart of The HostGator

HostGator Inputs

When users sign up for only a host yet find whether your site is painfully slow and crashes sometimes, what will you do?

You’d have to move suppliers, but it’s likely to pay you more cash and even more headaches.

That is indeed why we want to pick consistently reliable web hosting with reliable and valid records all over.

And how does this knowledge get to you?

Through operating our internal tests, we got to evaluate HostGator’s results.

Let’s check about how it went.

HostGator Speed Test Results

Speed is still the most significant output measure.

Through your customers, a quicker website is fine, but it improves the Seo performance as well.

In addition, studies indicate that a microseconds load times delay would costs you 7% lower clicks,

11% fewer page hits, and a 16% loss in consumer satisfaction.

Speed Test Results Views
Speed Test Results Views

Plans and Features for HostGator Hosting

A range of hosting services are provided by HostGator. Shared hosting, VPS hosting,

including web hosts are available from which to choose.

The key service, therefore, is to provide complete control for WordPress and that’s where many customers make their way.

Now let us take a closer look at some of these plans that HostGator provides.

Overview of Shared Hosting Plans for HostGator’s

There are 3 levels of HostGator hosting plans. Unlimited capacity or connectivity are included with all plans.

The website that can access is the key change.

  • Hatchling: You can host just one website using the Hatchling package. It contains a drag and drops installation of WordPress which comes with such a conventional user interface.
  • Babies: You can host an experience that enables via the Baby Package. It contains all of the Hatchling plan’s functionality, so you can use plugins such as personal SSL as well.
  • Business: Ideal for sites of smaller companies. Private dedicated IP is included in this package and seems to be ideal for launching the e-commerce store.

Features of the HostGator Hosting Plan

The functionality that you will get for each hosting solution is another thing you’d like to glance at.

And this is what’s included in any HostGator hosting plan offered.

  • 1-Click App for WordPress
  • Online Certificate with SSL
  • A convenient to use application for cPanel that monitor dedicated servers
  • Email Secure Accounts
  • Customer service 24/7
  • Uptime guarantee of 99.9 percent
  • It will host several domains and web addresses together under the shared hosting via Baby or Business plans.

Benefits of using joint HostGator

In past years, HostGator’s throughput output used to be such a concern.

And then no longer, depending on the 12 months’ duration of monitoring.

Their customer care was quick and polite, on account of all that.

They’re looking to assist transfer your website to the free service.

But beginners seem to like a variety of both the simple, intuitive choices that have been guided their approach.

Here is a short summary:

1. 99.93 percent Consistent Uptime

With just a little more than six hours of maintenance in the last 12 months,

HostGator has reported a total of 99.93 percent uptime. This isn’t the ideal moment we’ve had, but it’s not the same at all.

The positive thing is that they’ve had an internet connection which says that can get a monthly bonus credit on your balance if you fall under 99.90 percent.

Clearly, there is no assurance of any planned service or unfeasible hacks.

Even then, you will just have to call out to request the credit by sending a service ticket within 30 days to both the accounts team.

We’ve actually started seeing a few more hosts start popping up with uptime promises,

and so as a consequence, it implies all management contracts.

Competitors who come out to do this continue to lift the standard throughout the whole industry.

This requires everyone on the marketplace to follow their assurance and increase the standard of service or risk slipping back.

Uptime Response Time
Uptime Response Time

2. Decent Load Time 857 MS

The services of HostGator also have no problem staying our page up and alive over the last years.

So, what about the pace of their servers?

During the last 12 months, HostGator provided an estimated page response speed of 857 Ms.

That’s also certainly not its highest figure we’ve witnessed, and it’s good enough to have had a position in the technical segment.

In reality, HostGator also enhanced its website requirements. as a result, a quite great deal.

Not such a long while ago, it required our site more than just a moment to download.

Why would it be necessary to get a load time that is rapid?

It is shown that slow processing download speeds directly affect the experience of your user.

And it also has a flow effect as you reach the end result.

HostGator Shared Speed Chart

That’s also certainly not really the highest figure we’ve experienced,

and it’s good enough to have a location in our technology segment.

In reality, HostGator has enhanced its site charges a very lot.

Not a really login time back, it required our page more than just a moment to load.

Why would it be necessary to always have a load time that is quick?

It was shown that slow processing download speeds directly affect the process of your user.

And that also has a low impact as they reach the end result.

After swapping hosts, there are some options you should do to increase the speed of that platform.


However, if the host becomes consistently late, it indicates that you will face a lost cause all the time.

3.Support and Customer Service

One of the outstanding customer services. the company is provided by HostGator.

It includes ongoing service for phone or group chats, and also refund support for email.

Support And Customer Service Report

You’ll discover their help platform within the hosting app.

From either an expert system with thousands of papers and instructional videos, this portal lets you discover quick results.

4. 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee

HostGator has become so secure in its system that perhaps the sector 30-day return policy is extended to 45 days for an additional 2 weeks and more.

This means that any problems come up, they could use it for over a month and always get the purchase cost refund.

The whole 45-day money-back policy extends to those shared hosting, resellers, including VPS.

The only other drawback is that it will not extend to specific HostGator websites,

administration costs, and custom device installation fees.

So, for instance, if a legal website is included in a contract,

they can subtract the regular $15.00 charge for both the site from either the value of its return.

Few more additional observations have had to be made.

The conditions of HostGator go to them for up to 90 days to potentially grant a refund.

Whether on receipt, cash order, Bank Transfer transactions, or money debit cards, no returns should be issued.

Just for new proposals or plans are reimbursement available.

However, if users signed up for just one earlier, then withdraw an upgrade or a previous try,

you’re not going to get it in exchange.

If not at least, depending on the United States, foreign exchange returns are handled. Currency rates of share.

5. Very User-Friendly for Beginners

For inexperienced bloggers and web developers, HostGator is a custom fit.

To make sure you understand the confusing environment of DNS or data centers,

the place is full of guides, overviews, and much more.

Helpline Service Bar
Helpline Service Bar

For those who’ve been trying to set up a website without any of the expense of recruiting other people to create, create,

and handle anything, they even have additional features.

One of its best choices we’ve tested is the site builder app, Gator by HostGator.

It includes free networking and a proxy server, so for all the basics, you only have to buy a single profile.

Now with an eCommerce strategy,

Gator by HostGator can build up a fully working app shop with products and much more, without worried.

Drawbacks of Using HostGator

The relatively strong response time of HostGator is, actually, shockingly (in the least way).

We’re glad of their promise of high availability as well.

Farther than that, the beginner-friendly strategy and supportive customer support indicate which their service has a variety to be like.

Sadly, while checking these out, we still ran into several troubles.

Here are all the key concerns we discovered:

1.Extra Fee for Backups

Free hosting plans from HostGator is inexpensive, with promotional rates beginning at just $2.75/month (for 36 months).

The common proxy server, yet other installs of common apps such as WordPress,

Plugins and much more, unlimited internet space, a cloud platform,

and a complimentary SSL certificate comes to its basic model (‘Hatchling’).

Effectively, for a full site, many of the major characteristics you want.

Extra Fees For Backups
Extra Fees For Backups

That is all we have in the standard plans, though.

Whenever it’s important to revisit out, the all ‘additional’ stuff,

such as the full bladder, Gmail links, Site Lock tracking, even SEO software, both will charge you additional.

It seems to be upsetting since many of these functions,

like “accessible,” were carefully phrased also on the web to make you understand they’re available.

Access through to the other best hosts which we’ve checked and you’ll have a lot of it.

It was only when you’re at the extreme end of each phase you’ll know these all-additional features will charge you, well, more, if you go in submit your payment information.

Email, which would be their regular price, is the usual $5/month and $60/year for each person.

And now Site Lock will charge you $19.99/year, Code Guard (the web back – up) would charge you $23.95/year,

or in fact, users fall in with any issues, they wouldn’t even hold several earlier ones for their website to record.

2.Standard Pricing (Tips)

HostGator tries different price strategies in comparison to added costs which are quite common around the world.

The first one is promoting a low percentage like $2.75/month,

only for all of you to know how to really get that, you need to pay in advance for either a full three years.

Instead of that, after an actual individual years’ worth of support, you’re staring at $10.95/month.

Standard Pricing Plan
Standard Pricing Plan

Shared price drops for lengthy plans by HostGator That is the beginning, although.

And, on top of all this, the maintenance pricing for HostGator rises significantly after the original plan expired.

But let’s presume you go forward and pin for 3 years at a certain low pace.

No wonder, you’ll be having a great price.

Whenever it’s time to update the policy in 3 years, the problem comes.

At a certain stage, your monthly premium rises to $6.95/month (or $250.20 total) for about the same package,

almost double triple what you have just pay for the same plan.

Basically, they’re trying to capitalize mostly on the fact that perhaps,

the chance of your trying to change providers is particularly terrible after just a few weeks.

So, for just a moment, you’re stuck in.

Several other hosts we’ve checked are pulling a certain stunt. This does not imply, therefore, that we’ll have to be into.

3. Hosting Plans and Pricing

Hosting Plans and Their Charges
Hosting Plans and Their Charges

Whenever it comes to controlling something connected to something like the domain, although they do take people,

it’s indeed worth mentioning that a few of these domain name rates are a little high.

That’s also beneficial to understand since you can still sign and upgrade the domains with some other,

least a costly service and probably refer the DNS directly from either the cPanel through HostGator even though they choose to go along with a network extender.


Now you’ve read the thorough analysis of HostGator, are you actually concerned as to whether HostGator is correct for you?

HostGator provides a number of hosting services that suit all criteria even expenses.

They provide the resources to start a site that you’d need.

HostGator has now been supported with over 2 million clients.

You can notice each required resource to carry your websites towards the next stage,

on whether you’re a professional Net pro, and just heading out after your first websites.

The hosting provider of HostGator would provide a number of benefits.

The uptime, along with enhanced pace, seems to have been strong.

The service quality was outstanding. As well as the abundance of beginner-friendly solutions makes this user-friendly.

HostGator is perfect to use WooCommerce or even other eCommerce sites to operate an online marketplace.

Even so, you may have to update your domain name as each company expands in terms of traffic.

Unless you also want to begin a new site or blog, they can start from their strategy for Hatchling.

Even then, as it provides several installation supports, we prior to meals with both the baby plan.

If required, you could always change the web host afterward.

HostGator provides web hosting at multiple price points for multiple users, including flexible choices for services.

For beginners, it provides decent hosting services, and moreover great choices for advanced users with thousands of extra features including SSL certificates.

Through the base of knowledge, interest in HostGator doesn’t end.

HostGator tried to highlight its users how to use most of the software including hosting plans with such a wide range of video lessons.

In order to make accurate decisions, begin to explore the website and hosting plans!

And since you have learned quite a bit here, by searching their web or depth of knowledge to really get explanations too much more concerns, you will certainly learn more.