GoDaddy: Websites, domain names, and hosting

GoDaddy: Websites, domain names, and hosting

Godaddy is an American Web Hosting company. Its headquarter is present in Scottsdale.

In June 2020 this company has 20, million customers. The employees of this company are more than 7,000.

This company is advertising on TV and in newspapers and facing a lot of controversies in censorship.

History of Godaddy

It was developed in 1997 by Baltimore, Maryland. He was an entrepreneur and works with Bob Parsons.

Baltimore is first having the owner of a marketing company and sold that company in 1994.

He launched Jomex Technologies which later became Godaddy. The holders of the company decided to change its name in 1999.

Someone suggested that what about Big Daddy but Parson suggested Godaddy so the company changes its name from James Technologies to Godaddy.

In February 2006. Its logo consists of a cartoon-style man with messy hair and wearing sunglasses but in 2020 it makes its new logo with simple sans-serif with heart shape designed which spell out Go.


Services of Godaddy

Godaddy has various tools to provide services to its customers.

With the tool Godaddy Auctions, it is Godaddy’s own domain and marketplace.

Users can place their own domain name and bid on other’s domains as well,

The domain which is expired Godaddy also auctions those domains as well for new registrars.

It also provides a safe and secure website builder without having the knowledge of code language or any other system easily you can build a website with Godaddy.

What makes Godaddy Outstanding?

There is a number of features that make Godaddy outstanding and different from other web hosting apps.

These features allow the customers to choose this app and use it.

It is a well-experienced company with 80 million-plus domain names. It is having the world’s largest experience.

We make sure that you are getting the right domain for your business. You can use it securely for your business at your home.

I. World Best Registrar

Large communities trust us because we are having a large number of domains.

We provide large domains to our users. If you set the right domain name for your business.

You will gain success in your business because your domain name matters a lot in your business.

You don’t need to find other apps or registrars just work with the world’s best registrar and make your business successful.

II. Large Selection on Web

When you enter a domain name in the largest search engine box like Google.

Your website will automatically appear on the box and you don’t need to do a lot of effort for it because it has a large selection on the web.

There is no other good place to find your business.

III. 24/7 Support

Our professionals are available to support you all the time.

You get the help and assistance of our professionals at any time. Just contact them with our given numbers.

You will get help at any time. Contact us anytime without hesitation.

We are having intelligent and friendly domain experts which are available 24/7 and 366 days of the year to support you.

You can create your website within an hour with our assistance.

IV. Professional Team

We are having a professional team behind us. They are every time available and help you.

These experts make things happen properly. The technology is best because of these professionals.

V. Privacy and security

We protect our data and the data of your customers. Godaddy is having the feature of an SSL certificate that helps you to protect your data.

We even secure your personal information as well as your credit card numbers. None of the hackers will read it or get it.

We follow the best security system which secures your all personal data.

We not only save your data but the data of your customers as well.

When they visit your website they feel secure and safe and give more growth to your business.

VI. Provide you guaranteed success

Every single person has an email address and they want to become popular through their online business but all emails are not the same.

We provide you quality email address which helps you to boost your business because people bother those email address which is more valid.

You must choose a valid and professional email address for your business. This will be possible with Godaddy.

VII. Best place to grow your business

Godaddy is the best place to grow your business. It is the best place to grow your business idea online.

If you keep it with .com or you set any other. This will be the best place. This platform provides you with a home to grow your online business.

Importance and necessity of Professional Emails.

Professional emails are very important for the growth of your business.

We provide you the best email address that will help you to stay connected with the mind of your customers.

Choose an email that really matches your domain name so customers will keep you in the mind and your business will promote with all the messages you send.

If you want to set a professional email it will come with very easy features likes contact, calendar as well as webmail portal.

You can also choose mail according to your choices like Microsoft outlook, professional mail, or Apple Mail. They all work with all kinds of devices.

We will keep your inbox clean and make it possible that no spam will enter into it.

Benefits of having a Domain-based email address

It is very necessary to keep your email address according to your domain. A personalized address work as an advertisement for your company.

If you send an email to anyone you are advertising your company name to that person like you are advertising your company.

This will encourage them to visit your website again and again and they will start visiting your website and see your products rapidly.

It also gives a good impact on your customers. This makes you more valid. Like having authentic mail will make your presence more genuine.

You can create interesting and easy address by using your domain name. That will be short and catchy too.

Godaddy will keep your business mail secure and will not allow any spam to enter it.

Virus security

No virus will enter it and disturbs your system. We manage high-quality security that will easily control all kinds of the virus to enter your mail.

It also gives confidence to your customers as your domain name matches your email so they can search you easily on search engines like Google.

It looks much better and decent. Live email expert can help you all the time.

If you want to know anything about your email or you have questions in mind contact our email experts they will give you 24/7 support.

With our best security system, we ban almost 300 million emails every day and secure your email system.

That is why our security is known as world high-class security. Our email system is secure friendly and easy to use.

They are also mobile-friendly and can operate on all kinds of devices.

You can promote your business and send and receive emails all the time on your devices.

 Website Builder

Godaddy Website builder

Website creation means making yourself present online.

This will help you to contact the people online with these whom you will not contact on daily basis.

If you are developing a website related to your business put all the essential things on your home page,

and display them properly that if one can visit your website he will come to know all the basics of your business.

Create a blog for your website, post pictures and your thoughts. Make a website will give you all kinds of advantages.

Godaddy is the best website builder that gives you the complete chance of connecting social media platforms to your website.

If someone is visiting your website he can also link with your social media accounts.

Our builder is giving an opportunity to link both things.

Try to cover all social media platforms and give an opportunity for more people to visit you and see your products and services.

Make yourself visible on all social media platforms.

If your website is linked with your social media accounts it will give more opportunity to you,

and your customers to communicate with each other and interact with them. If you will connect with

them they will give you a complete opportunity of engaging your business and you will make a good relationship with them.

As website builder

Godaddy is the best website builder that will help you to build your own website very easily and professionally.

It will not matter what is your skill level. It provides you with complete assistance.

You just need to create an account choose a design, built-in editor, and add your text and images.

It is really up to you that you want to make your website complex or easy.

You can design your account according to your own choice. You can easily make your website secure for your customers.

Your all data will be safe by SSL certificates. This will keep your and your customers’ data safe.

If you want to sell your products on your website this certificate is very important because your customers will add a credit card,

and bank details on your website and keeping it safe is your responsibility.

With Godaddy, you also have the option of customizing your account according to the need of your business.

Each section of your website will be properly customized. You will also have the option of changing font, style, changing color, and styles.

It is very necessary to build a website that is friendly for all kinds of devices.

Insights of Godaddy

Godaddy is the full technology system. Godaddy has different recommendations and locations in the industry.

Insight helps you to make your performance better in the industry by providing you with improvement advice. It provides you

Godaddy Insight Score: It is the process of assessment that will help you to know the progress of your website. It also takes care of your social media and marketing strategies.

Godaddy Insight Metrics. It tells you detail about your social media activity on your accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It also helps you to get reviews of your account.

Godaddy Insight Action Plan This will help you to improve your performance and also help you with future plans. This also tells you how to improve your website in the future.

If you choose a free website for yourself that will be completely free but if you are searching for a premium plan then you have to pay for them.

You can also move from the free website to our paid plans to get better assistance. This plan will give you more advanced features.

You just have to click on the My Product option to switch on our paid plans. You can also get help from Godaddy guide to transfer to paid plans.

How to create a website with Website Builder

Use of website builder

Creating a website is a very minute effort but it can boost your online business and give you a lot of benefits.

First of all, you need to get organize your data. The images which you want to add organize them.

You about page, contact info, or your menu page. All things will be organized in a proper way.

Make a general map of your website before starting your website. You can choose the right template for your website.

The next step is to customize your website Use an editor to add your product and business info, color, fonts, and layouts.

Now register your domain with your correct domain name. This will make people easy to contact you and identify your site address.


Now optimize your website for search engines.

Use high-quality SEO optimizer and make it sure that your website will easily found on search engine like Google.

Now publish your website and observe your business growing.

You can manage your social media posts, reviews from one dashboard or any device.

If still, you need any help you can contact our professionals anytime because we love to help you in any case.

We are having two plans for your website one is completely free and others will charge you.

It is up to you that you need a free site that apparently looks great or you need a site that actually works for your business.

It is a powerful site builder present at your fingertips. If you are thinking that building a website is a difficult task you are wrong.

You can create a simple or modern website with this magnificent website builder.

You can also develop your technical site without having any basic knowledge of website building.

Create a free modern and mobile-friendly website now.

Domain Name Generator

Our domain working is pretty complicated. It is the combination of some powerful software. You first have to enter a word that is better describing your business.

This can be your own name, location, or the name of your industry but it should be appealing and memorable that everyone can remember it easily.

You can use your creativity without any hesitation. Our tool has the ability to create one or more name according to your desire.

We use different prefixes and suffixes to use these names. You can register different domains to protect your business.

It is a very easy and simple process to register your domain. Just register it and start working with it.

Try to use different words in your domain. It will give you more options you can use catchy synonyms for your domain name.

After registration, the next step comes. You can use your domain as a business name as well.

If you are not having a business name you can take a look at your business name generator.

The use of domain name in your email as well will also help your business grow rapidly.

You can encourage your audience to visit your website with every single message you send.

There are also some rules of using the domain name because some of the domains are particular for business organizations, city or country so they can’t use very easily.

Price Listing of Godaddy 


Pricing of Godaddy is very suitable for everyone as mentioned above there are different packages for different users.

From expensive to low cost all packages are wonderful and easy to access.

The economy package is affordable for everyone than comes value. All the packages are giving discounts as well. Deluxe and Ultimate are the most supreme.

Pros of Godaddy

The prices of Godaddy are very reasonable. There is a number of discounts which are offered by this site as well.

It also has a strong reputation as a web hosting company. You can also quickly get access to your account.

You can just install it with one click. Payments options are also very supportive. You can pay in any currency you want.

Cons of Godaddy

This is not a fast app. It will take time after installation. This also charges you a restoration fee. There is also no option for live chat.