Cloudways web hosting review 2021

Cloudways web hosting review 2021 | Fast Website services

Cloudways makes use of powerful servers to provide web hosting that is inexpensive, efficient, and quick to set up. Even so, Cloudways doesn’t provide domain registration or email.

Cloud-based web hosting resources are now abundant, even with its cloud hosting, Cloudways does several unique aspects that cause it stands out in a growing industry.

Cloudways allows you to choose by one of five services, includes Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Network, provides pay-as-you-go wallet-friendly plans, and then also allows you to sign up by pulling out a credit or debit card for a trial period.

The illumination is dulled a little by its availability of infrastructure, such as domain name registration and account included. Even, it is very well worth exploring this outstanding cloud storage service.

About Cloudways

You’ll no doubt come across several businesses that provide online programs while searching for controlled WordPress hosting.

Although the overwhelming majority of hosting services offer a shared, VPS, or server management environment for controlled WordPress hosting, one organization has genuinely stepped out from the norm & offered a different solution for shared hosting.


On a cloud server where many versions of your information are distributed in your preferred data Centre, Cloudways provides cloud-based web hosts for WordPress pages.

A complicated algorithm manages the swapping of servers and if your primary server crashes, a backup of your site is provided to the next site accessible.

This helps processing power, outstanding reliability, and delivery performance to be quickly installed.

Cloudways Hosting Plans

To manage the web load, Cloudways utilizes the capacity of many centralized servers; in conventional shared, VPS, and reserved hosting plans, this doesn’t specialize at all.

Alternatively, the organization has some pay-as-you-go, daily cloud hosting options that only bill you for the span of hours you’ve spent. For instance, if you change a plan within 10 days of a month, you may only be paid for services for 10 days.

Hosts such as the Honour’s Dream Host or HostGator from the Editor’ Choice bill user for the whole month, even though you suspend the loop for only a week. Also, Cloudways provides typical monthly billing.


The monthly plans for hosting

The monthly plans for hosting services launch at $10 (for 25 Gb of data, 1 TB of monthly transferring data, 1 GB of RAM, as well as a separate processor) and increase to $1,035 (for 3840 GB of storage, 12 TB of minimum data transfers, 192 GB of RAM, and a 32-core processor).

The large pricing outclasses its most strong server management plans of several web hosts. In addition, the leading specs of Cloudways have much more in line with the SMB-friendly Liquid Network, which enables you to equip a massive 512 GB of RAM storage.

The above pricing starts at just over $0.01 and significantly increases to just or more $1.43 when you choose hourly payment.


Creating a Website

Cloudways does not have any of the traditional elements of web hosting, but creating a site is a fairly easy affair. WordPress was my CMS of choice while researching, and after just 7 minutes, the system created a site.

Through my Cloudways credential, I signed in, chose a layout, modified how links and posts displayed, and inserted photos. It was an opportunity free from problems.

Cloudways allows WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla, etc. 1-click programmed installation For CMS and PHP frameworks, the same applies: Laravel, Symfony, Cake PHP can all be installed in just a click and much less than 5 minutes.

For a user, certain applications and plugins are not particularly difficult to install, but minimizing downtime is always nice.

The controlled variety was the special WordPress flavor, so your application gets the white-glove care by automatically updating its CMS, conducting automated backups of data, and offering real-time website monitoring and protection unique to WordPress.

Traffic details, PHP requests, MySQL requests, and Disk Are often displayed by Analytics. Logs, and from the other side, show log files and error messages for your site.


E-Commerce and Security

There are several e-commerce resources in Cloudways’ app collection, along with the successful Magento and Prestashop sites. Within only a few mins, by drag and dropping website components, I used Magento to build a unique shop.

In terms of reliability, by launching a periodic web browser and firmware updates, Cloudways engineers secure your application from assaults as a cloud-based hosting platform.

In particular, Cloudways provides free Security Socket Layer (SSL) certificates, that, if you choose to sell a product, must be regarded as necessary data security.

Additionally, for extra protection, the preferred Rackspace email comes with DomainKeys Defined Mail (DKIM) authentication technology.


Assisted E-Commerce Platform

A variety of popular e-commerce sites, like Magento, WooCommerce, and Prestashop, are powered by Cloudways Hosting. So you’ll need to sell your products and services directly.


In such a move planned to take the fuss out of downloading the fully accessible e-commerce system. Cloudways provides a one-click setup of Magento. Inability to execute Magento stores at great speed. The hosting provider is also optimized, resulting in higher sales for your firm.

Multi-SSL implementation suitable model SSH and Git settings are specialized tools. For your online website, there seems to be a free migration service given.


Another famous e-commerce site sponsored by Cloudways hosting is WooCommerce. Owing to a one-click installation procedure and free automated migration support, the hosting company went over as well to ensure that setup is incredible.

In the meantime, WooCommerce plans come for the host often provide apps such as WP-CLI help and one-click domain scale so during busy times you can catch some advanced options for your businesses.



Here’s how Cloudways keep your WordPress website secure, quick and simple to maintain:

  1. Cloudways can take good care of your site relocation while you’re switching hosts.
  2. The Cloudways CDN enhances the speed of servers. For online retailers, higher site loads are of particular importance.
  3. The auto-healing functionality fixes any problems, reducing the chance of the website crashing.
  4. WordPress is an open-source content delivery system in the world, rendering it a source of profit as a result. To protect your web, Cloudways utilizes a specialized firewall.
  5. Integrated Let’s Encrypt SSL ensures connectivity between your website and your clients.
  6. Two-factor identification provides an additional protection layer toward hackers.
  7. Installation in one touch for applications.
  8. Fast set-up for major destinations: deploys a new website with a web browser on any server.
  9. Access to 24/7 for the help of experts.


You can find several other options on the Cloudways console under its ‘Database Management’ tab. Scrolling further into the tab displays more functionality you can handle as needed.

Below is a quick overview of the server features you can get while hosting a maintained WordPress website with Cloudways:


This security system maintains a record of the IP addresses “white list” that you are using to reach your server.


Cloudways helps you to an arranged a full backup of files from your cloud server. Daily, 2 days, 3 days, and so forth, with the total backup duration being one season.

you may set up the website to back it up automatically. You can still conveniently backup your file at any stage with the touch of a button.


Probably among the most outstanding features that Cloudways brings with its cloud storage strategies is server management. A graph which will help you track the burden on your cloud server is shown in this portion.

There are over 15 factors to monitor in a quick drop-down menu, which also includes traffic coming, Idle Processor, and Readings per Sec.


There is nothing quite like charging for an ad. Experiencing a traffic overload, and making your website go offline as it can’t support all the visitors that come in at the same.

You can change assigned system resources with a few taps at any point with virtualization. When facing a traffic boom, this is a wonderful function.

Cloudways provides a “Pay as you go” method. If you’re expanding for a limited period of time such that you don’t really have to spend on dedicated servers that you won’t use later on.


Other than those listed above, Cloudways offers a host of other resources. For example, you can customize services like MySQL, Apache, and memory units under its ‘Manage Services’ choice.

Cloudways provides a WordPress Legislation covering tool under the “Migrator Tools” category to assist you to migrate an active WordPress site to their cloud hosting service.

You can download software add-ons for DNS control, transaction-based email providers, and so on while using the ‘Application Add-on’ tab.

In fact, additional resources like backup restoration, SSL certificate setup, and GIT compatibility are provided by the Cloudways console, to just mention only some.


Among the most significant aspects of shared hosting is website uptime. Salespeople or customers seem unable to find you or manage your services or goods when your server is down. And they could not come right back.

Cloudways has associated with several of the industry’s leading cloud services. As a consequence, you can rely on them while storing your websites on their WordPress cloud storage and provide over 99 percent uptime.

Cloudways-hosted WordPress pages have 40-50 percent faster-loading speed. Cloudways’ innovative VMAN software, which implements Varnish, Memcached, Apache, and Nginx to optimize site speed, makes it possible.


Customer Service

Cloudways provides service quality 24/7, so you will be able to get in touch with everyone else on the clock. However, if you want to connect to an individual being, there’s a limit. To order a call or Skype call, you must fill out forms.

You always have the opportunity to deal via a chat session with a customer service person. That way, you will quickly get responses. I never waited more than a couple of seconds until one of my conversation questions was fielded by a Cloudways representative.

The staff, too, are very experienced. I was provided with detailed information by the respondents about the distinctions among cloud hosting or standard hosting as well as the structure of the payments of the business.

The standard 30-, 60-, or 90-day cash returned ensure that you probably have found with other web hosts was not the Cloudways survey data. In response to the claim, the framework is so informative that I was typically referred to this link by the customer support team of Cloudways.


Cloudways Pros & Cons


  • Flexibility: When it meets your needs, the primary reason for choosing Cloudways is to hop on various hosting plans, trying to make it a real pay-as-you-go service. For website owners who will need flexibility and predict traffic peaks, this can be a good alternative.
  • Uptime: virtually 100 percent of the time, so all hosting possibilities will stay available.
  • Server features: all servers started on Cloudways have, among many others, SSD-based hosting, PHP7, and developed caches.
  • Security: Often good are the specialized firewalls and 2FA alternatives.
  • Backups: back – up your page sequentially with everyone’s solely devoted plugin, or even let one’s structure do on an hourly and daily basis automatically.
  • Server locations: These can depend on the provider you select because you have the option and full power, at least.
  • Collaborators and users: team leadership is systematic and convenient to do.
  • Pay-as-you-go hourly: I can’t actually think about any other service that allows you to pay even by the hour for hosting.


  • Help: It doesn’t seem that it’s poor support and that therefore it’s separated into levels. You should get fifteen minutes of a chat session with simple plans. Which wouldn’t be enough to use the bottom of your problem (it gets turned into a support ticket after that). If you register for both the supported add-on, you will get even more time.
  • Not the easiest to use: the interface is also not the fastest accessible. Certainly targeted to more professional users, even though it looks much better than cPanel.
  • Too much choice: the hundreds of choices for Cloudways will force you into the overcomplicating phase for all those who struggle from decisions panic.

Cloudways Backups

The Backup feature is conveniently accessible from your main dashboard’s left-hand menu. The key choices, as you can see, are linked to the speed of backups. That you should plan the scheduling yourself is good.


You can make one version of your site with the regional backup option. CloudWays does not let you install it instantly from the desktop for some mysterious reason.

You will have to use SSH or SFTP to access it. And, more critically, it’s not open. CloudWays charges $0.033 per GB of data backed up offline by you.

Cloudways Vertical Scaling

One of the major advantages of having so many choices is that you can scale up your services regarding the traffic spikes.

This is accomplished with Cloudways by what we call “vertical scaling. Based on the services you have selected. You will maximize the server capacity, as well as the Memory space.

It is a premium option. Because without attempting to transfer anything. You can hold all your information and user interface in one place.

But a few things have to be noted:

  • Space scaling is long-lasting: if you just try to increase the disc size. You won’t ever be able to scale it back down. The solution is to upgrade and switch your system to a plan that is scaled down. then terminate the updated one.
  • Scaling will take your server offline: during the off-hours, make absolutely sure you do it.
  • There are various providers with various possibilities: AWS and Google Cloud allow you to individually scale the CPU and RAM of your server. You can only scale the whole size of the server, namely CPU, RAM, and disc space, with Digital Ocean, Linue and Vultr.


Cloudways and its cloud hosting plans were a very good surprise for everyone. Even for individuals with limited experience of managed cloud hosting services, the setup is simple and quick.

The server speed is quite instant. My test site was rated 100 by Google Page Speed Insights. And it was given a 96 by Pingdom.

On top of that, the price of Cloudways is really inexpensive. Pricing starts at $10/month. And a site like CatsWhoCode has a monthly cost of $22 for cloud storage. Which is less than the usual.

The best way to ensure that their service suits the site/application requirements is the free trial of Cloudways. You can quickly upgrade and then become a client if you sign up for the free trial. And see for yourself what all of the positive recommendations are about.